Samsung’s Good Lock App Updated to Work With Android Pie

Samsung Good Lock Pie

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Samsung’s Good Lock is an app I’m not sure I’ve ever used or fully understand, but every time it gets a big update, a whole bunch of Samsung phone owners get really excited. And that’s happened today with an update that brings Good Lock to Samsung phones running Android Pie, including the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9.

What is Good Lock? It’s a Samsung UI customizer of sorts. With Good Lock installed, you can further install plug-in-like apps to further customize your Samsung phone’s lock screen, the quick settings notification panel, and the home screen clock. It allows for one handed use, special Edge lighting effects, routine management in a Tasker-esque way, and more control over sounds that come out of your device.

Again, people seem to really love Good Lock and those folks are super excited today because it has been updated to work with Android Pie. Galaxy S10 support might be questionable at the moment. I say that because I’ve installed it on my S10e and am only getting Good Lock 2018. If you own last year’s Samsung phones on Android Pie, you should be good, though.

If you are a Good Lock user, feel free to let the kids in the comments know why.

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