Google Duplex! Now in 43 States on All Pixel Phones

Google Duplex

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Google Duplex, the Assistant technology that can make phone call reservations for you, is now available on all Pixel phones in 43 states. This is a big expansion, in case that didn’t mean much to you.

When first launched around November of last year, Pixel owners in select cities (San Francisco, Phoenix, New York, and Atlanta) were able to test out the AI-powered reservation system. As of today, there are only a few US states that aren’t in on the fun. You can see the full list of states here. I haven’t actually looked to see which are missing outside of Montana, and that’s only because I’m from there. I’ll leave the rest of that work to you.

How does Google Duplex work? You ask the Google Assistant to book a table at a restaurant for however many people are in your party on a certain date and time. It’ll respond back to confirm some details before making the call for you. It’s both cool and kind of creepy that a bot can perform such tasks for you. Ahhh, the future.

In related news, Google did say that they plan to “slowly” bring Duplex to more Android and iOS devices over the “next few weeks.” In other words, this won’t be a Pixel exclusive for long.

Anyone tried out Duplex yet? How’d it go?

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