I Don’t Know if We Need Them, but 1TB MicroSD Cards are Here

1TB SanDisk MicroSD

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How much storage do you need? We asked that question not long ago and most of you said that 64GB or 128GB was probably enough. SanDisk and Micron (and Samsung) think you need much more. 1TB microSD cards are here, guys.

This morning, SanDisk announced new 1TB Extreme cards with an A2 rating. Micron announced a similar A2 1TB card, which they are calling the “world’s first,” even though SanDisk announced something similar.

For speeds, you aren’t getting any breakthroughs here. The SanDisk Extreme 1TB does 160MB/s read speeds, along with 90MB/s write speeds. Micron’s cards are capable of 100MB/s read speeds and 95MB/s write speeds. Both will offer enough storage to leave you without the need to buy another SD card ever again.

Micron’s new card will ship in Q2. SanDisk’s 1TB card will ship in April and cost $449.99 out of the gate.

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