As Expected, First 5G Speed Tests on AT&T Leave Much to be Desired


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AT&T’s Nighthawk 5G hotspot has seen limited availability this month in very select areas across the country, but now we’re starting to get an idea for the company’s 5G speeds, thanks to users on reddit who have the device positioned in their homes.

From what we’re seeing, AT&T’s 5G, shown as 5G+ on the Nighthawk, is producing speeds nearly identical to 4G LTE. One owner on reddit, located in Indianapolis, posted the following results.

5G vs. 4G LTE


According to the Nighthawk owner who ran these speed tests, the 5G site is located directly across the street from their location, on top of a 3-story building. Being so close, you’d expect to see much better numbers, but sadly, we’re continually reminded that AT&T’s 5G is little more than marketing mumbo jumbo for the time being.

We feel bad for continually having to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to 5G, but if anyone was expecting 1Gbps down speeds from their Nighthawk on AT&T, I’d set your expectations much lower until we start seeing sub-6GHz devices hit the market.

Anyone here using a Nighthawk in their home? What are your results looking like?

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