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Pixel 3 Camera

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In recent years, Google made a big deal about the DxOMark score given to its Pixel phone line almost the minute they announce it. That changed this year with the Pixel 3, as the score was curiously missing at launch and only arrived today, two months after the phone has been in the hands of anyone interested. I think we know why the phone’s score was missing, because the rankings have changed some and Google’s phones no longer stand a chance at holding the top spot.

The Pixel 3 DxOMark scored is 101. It’s individual Photo score is 101, while its Video score is 98.

How does that rank? For single-camera phones, the overall 101 score ties for the best in the business with the iPhone Xr. Its Photo score of 101 also ties the Xr. The 98 Video score, on the other hand, ties for the best in the business with all phones. The camera has improved in all categories over the Pixel 2.

You probably noticed the callout of single lens, and that’s because there are six other phones with higher overall scores, as well as higher Photo scores, all of which have dual cameras. That’s the thing – Google won’t rank the highest ever again in DxO scores unless it introduces a secondary zoom lens to its phones.

The DxO score is built around a variety of factors that a camera needs perform in, in order for its score to tick up there in the rankings. Without the secondary zoom lens, the testing that goes into the scores we’re talking about here, will bring the overall score down in Zoom and Bokeh categories for Google’s phones.

Take a look at how its Photo score compares to the iPhone Xs and Galaxy Note 9. Many of the categories, the Pixel 3 bests the Note 9 and is right there with the Xs. But when you get to the bottom, where Zoom and Bokeh are, you can see how far behind it is, and that’s because of the lack of the secondary zoom lens.

DxO Pixel 3 Xs Note 9

What should you take from all of this? Well, while we don’t put much into these scores, they are a ranking system that puts almost all flagship phones up against one another and breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of each from a variety of factors. Take from them what you will, but you may as well use some of this info in your research as you try and decide which phone to buy.

The Pixel 3 camera, according to DxOMark, is right there with the best in the business as a point and shoot camera as long as you don’t need to do much zooming. It’s video capabilities are basically the best you’ll find.

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