T-Mobile was Supposed to Launch TV Service in 2018

T-Mobile TV

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T-Mobile isn’t launching TV service in 2018, though.

According to a report out of Bloomberg, T-Mobile’s TV service will possibly arrive some time in 2019. There was supposed to be TV disruption and that just hasn’t happened yet, as the high bar that T-Mobile set for themselves has been harder to hit.

At the end of 2017, T-Mobile began the process of acquiring TV company, Layer3. Layer3 sells TV service in only select cities, but does some unique stuff that involves a smarter TV box that beams 4K signals to additional boxes throughout a house, can record 8 shows at a time, and store it all in 1TB of space. T-Mobile completed their purchase in January, promising service at some point this year.

T-Mobile missing their targeted TV launch is only semi-surprising, and I say that because they are in the middle of trying to acquire Sprint. They announced TV plans long before they made serious moves on Sprint. And look, acquiring Sprint is a much bigger deal than T-Mobile trying to screw with the TV industry.

So if you were looking forward to T-Mobile’s industry-disrupting TV service that would smack Comcast in the face, it’s not happening just yet.

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