Google has All the Trip Planning Tools Now, Including Flight Delay Prediction

Google Assistant Flight Delay

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When you decide to take a trip with significant others, friends, and family, Google wants you to turn to their services for all aspects of planning. They want you to search for flights with Google Flights, compare hotel prices with their hotel finder, and find things to do with Google Maps. To help in new ways, Google announced some new related features to all of that today.

First up, when you want to check on a flight to see if it’s delayed, you can ask Google Assistant about it. Google has been working on predicting flight delays and now thinks that it has an 85% confidence rate on doing so. Just ask Google Assistant if you flight is on time or specify a flight and it’ll tell you (see image above).

Additionally, Google Maps is getting better and better at helping you explore new cities, thanks to the “Explore” tab at the bottom of the screen. Maps will also provide you with all sorts of things to do just by searching for “things to do.”

And finally, when using Google Flights, you can now filter with checked bag fees to get a true representation of the total ticket price.

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