Pixel Slate Unboxing and Tour!

Pixel Slate Unboxing

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The early Google Pixel Slate reviews that dropped this week did not have great things to say about the first tablet Google has released in years. I’ll do my best to ignore those going forward, since we now have one in house and are ready to dive in for our own testing.

We have an Intel Core i5 unit with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, which starts at $999. Of course, there are other models that start as low as $599. We also picked up the $200 official Pixel Slate keyboard from Google.

As you guys know, I’ve become a pretty big fan of Google’s Chrome OS, specifically the Pixelbook and old Chromebook Pixel line. This Pixel Slate actually excited me some when it was first announced because it should be able to do the tablet stuff you may want (watch movies, play games, be portable, etc.) while offering up the improved Chrome OS experience Google keeps making better by the week. I still have hope for it!

So we’ll kick this review period off with an unboxing, just to re-introduce everyone to it. Then, we’ll get into the good stuff.

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