DEAL: OnePlus 6 Will be $100 Off Tomorrow! (Updated: Live!)

OnePlus 6 Black Friday Discount

OnePlus doesn’t discount its phones often, but plans to do so tomorrow, November 20. You’ll be able to buy the OnePlus 6 at $100 off, dropping the starting price to just $429. Well, that’s assuming they are dropping the lowest model, which they didn’t specifically say.

Either way, the OnePlus 6 (review), which is arguably a better phone than the newly released OnePlus 6T (review), will drop to an insanely low price. Why is it better than the 6T? It still has a headphone jack, it has a reliable fingerprint reader in a familiar spot, comes in super hot red, and matches all other 6T specs outside of battery size. Honestly, I’d probably buy it over the 6T unless I was a Verizon customer.

The deal goes live at 3AM Eastern (12AM Pacific). Once it does, we’ll let you know which models, colors, etc. are discounted.

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