Google’s Files Go Becomes “Files by Google,” Because Everyone Was Using It

Google Files App

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About a year ago, Google introduced a semi-secret app called Files Go. The app wasn’t aimed at you and I in the US, but was instead aimed at parts of the world with slower internet connections and where ultra-affordable phones without much storage are king. As word got out about Files Go and we all started sideloading it, Google opened it up for all to use in beta form.

Today, because the app has become so popular (30M monthly users), Google is taking it out of beta and rebranding it to “Files by Google.” In other words, this is Google’s files app that they’d like you to use on your phone going forward, no matter what type of connection you have or how much storage is in your device.

The UI has been spiced up (see above) to “make sure that the content of your mobile phone is the focus when you use the app, all while keeping the same functions and playfulness that people love.”

Not sure what Files by Google is? It’s a file manager, but it offers suggestions to help clean-up your phone. It’ll recommend you delete “junk” or duplicate files and tell you how much storage you’ll free up by doing so. It’ll show you how much storage you are using, let you browse all files on your device, and let you send or receive them to a friend without using an internet connection.

It’s awesome and free. You can download it through the link below.

Google Play Link



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