Poll: Do You Care About Foldable Phones?


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At Samsung’s Developer Conference next week, we should finally see some sort of rendering or prototype of their years-in-the-making foldable phone. It’ll probably just be a phone that folds out into a tablet (which is fine), but it’s clear that the next big move from companies is going to be a push into folding sh*t. LG is about to. Other companies too.

I can’t tell if anyone cares, though. We write up these rumors and the response is mostly crickets. Is it because all of the big new ideas from companies almost never stick or are too gimmicky and people are hesitant to get overhyped? Maybe. The hype sure was huge for things like Android tablets, smartwatches, DeX-like systems, smart glasses, VR, etc. yet none of them has really turned into a very big deal on Android.

One of the few things that companies have delivered on in recent years is bigger displays in smaller phones. Well, that was great until they started throwing notches onto everything, but I digress.

So tell me, are you into this whole foldable phone idea? Does it interest you at all? Or are you cool with the typical, modern day big smartphone?

Do You Care About Foldable Phones?

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