FlexPai Foldable Device Makes Me Feel Old and Grouchy

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2018 was all about the notch. It seems 2019 may be all about folds, and for some odd reason, looking at foldable devices makes me feel like a cranky old man. You see, a device called FlexPai was recently showcased at what appears to be an overseas industry event, and just like we imagined, it can bend, fold, and do all sorts of crazy things.

But is it really necessary? That’s what I can’t figure out.

While I get the concept just fine, with what’s essentially a 4″ display folding into a 7.8″ display for consuming content, this rendition of the idea doesn’t look all that great to me. Is this similar to what we’ll see from LG and Samsung?

As you’ll see in the video below, as well as the photos we’ve included in this post, FlexPai can most definitely fold.


While I get why people might call this a folding phone, I refuse to do so. This thing is a folding tablet in my book, regardless if it folds into something more manageable and has cellular connectivity. It’s a tablet, end of discussion. And no, I’m not even going to try to fit that thing in my pocket. Ugh, I’m reminding myself of that time Steve Jobs called the DROID X a Hummer with its 4.3″ display. What’s happening to me?

We’ve already asked you to voice your opinion on foldable displays, but what’s your take on this FlexPai?

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