OnePlus 6T Pop-Up Shops Will be the Best Way to Get the Phone Quickly

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OnePlus is bringing its patented pop-up shops back for OnePlus 6T, something they’ve been doing for the majority of its phone launches.

If you ask me, these pop-up events are the best way to score the device in a timely fashion. In going and buying the phone there, you don’t have to risk the OnePlus site crashing due to traffic when attempting to buy the phone, then waiting for your shipment to come, and whatever else may happen during the online buying process.

The issue is, OnePlus doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about getting the phone into the hands of Americans as it does other countries. There will be only one pop-up shop in the US, located in New York City. That’s right, just one shop for the 325 million of us. However, if you’re located in Europe, India, or even a Nordic country, there appears to be a pop-up shop on every corner. I’m exaggerating a bit, but seriously, there are a lot of shops across Europe and India, but just one in the US. That’s weak sauce, OnePlus.

On top of getting the phone there, OnePlus also has goodies at these shops. You’ll find OnePlus accessories, swag items, as well as snacks and like-minded people to talk about phones with. Seems like a fun time, but it’s unfortunate the nearest pop-up shop to me is a 5-hour cross country flight. Womp womp.

To check the location of each pop-up shop across the globe, look here.



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