Floating Keyboard Now Available in Gboard Beta

Gboard Floating Keyboard

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Back in September, Google briefly activated a floating and movable keyboard within their Gboard app. It didn’t last long and was quickly removed, but we assumed it would be back before long. It has now returned for good, we think.

In the latest Gboard beta that rolled out over night, the floating is once again an option to enable if you like floaty things. You’ll need to opt-in to the beta, which you can do through the link below and install version

Once you’ve got that build, you’ll open up the keyboard, tap on the top left arrow in the Gboard suggestion row, then the 3-dot button next to Google Translate, and you should see “Floating” as an option (see below). Tap that and your keyboard will pop-up from the bottom of the screen.

Gboard’s floating keyboard can be moved wherever, resized, swiped on for gesture typing, and dragged back to the bottom of the screen to re-pin it to its normal spot.

Google Play Link

Gboard Floating Keyboard



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