This Trick Might Help You Force the New Wear OS 2.0 Update on Your Watch

New Wear OS Update

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Google began pushing the new Wear OS 2.0 update to watches at the end of last week. If you are like me and impatient¬†af, then you probably spent most of the weekend being frustrated by numerous checks, all that kept saying “System is up to date.” There is hope now, though! A little trick I just tried may bring you the goods today.

A reddit user suggested that watch owners try tricking watches or forcing the update to start by doing the following:

  1. On your Wear OS watch, go into Play Store and find Wear OS app
  2. Uninstall Wear OS app
  3. Once done uninstalling, its Play Store page should say “Update”
  4. Tap “Update” to re-update the app
  5. Once that finishes, you may see a notification to further update to the new Wear OS 2.0

Does this work? I’ve now tried it on three watches and it only worked on my LG Watch Style. It didn’t work on my Huawei Watch 2 or TicWatch S. Others have reported that it did work on the LG Watch Sport, TicWatch Pro, and Wear24. I can confirm that my Wear24 does indeed now have the update, but I didn’t try this trick – it just popped up to update.

Give it a shot!

New Wear OS Update Wear24



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