‘Big Four’ US Carriers Create Project Verify, the “Future of Mobile Authentication”

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Our Big Four carriers in the US, which is Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, announced a Mobile Authentication Taskforce at MWCA this week. This taskforce is focused on the future of mobile authentication, and with Project Verify, the companies think they have the ultimate solution for users.

To break it down, Project Verify will change identity management and security, essentially replacing your typical password with, “More secure, device-based, multi-factor authentication.”

The way it works is straightforward enough. Using a phone number, IP address, account tenure, phone account type, and SIM card details, Verify (an app that will be downloadable) can handle logging into apps without the need for you to enter usernames and passwords, as well as manage second factor authentication. At the heart of everything will be a device-based ID that serves as a user profile during the entire authentication process.

We’re still in the early days of Verify, but this taskforce already has working demos available for select developers to play with and hopefully adopt into their own work.

For an overview, check out the video below or check out the Project Verify website, which is managed by Verizon.

Prepare to hear much more about Project Verify and the Verify app in the future.

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