Google Titan Security Keys Now Available on Google Store

Google Titan Security Key

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It’s 2018, so I hope that you are all using some form of 2-step verification (2SV) on your Google accounts and the other various services you sign-up for that offer it. If you aren’t on your Google account, stop reading this and go enable it now. Then come back. (Don’t know what 2SV is? Just go here and read.)

OK, now that you’ve done that, let’s talk about a new way for you to verify when you go to log in to your Google account. Google announced a product called Titan Security Keys a few weeks back at their Google Cloud conference and have now made those available to you and I.

What are Titan Security Keys and why would you want them? Well, since you just enabled 2SV on your Google account, these would be a way to verify as you login to accounts. While verifying your Google account by doing so from a phone prompt or through SMS is fine, using a Titan Security Key could potentially be safer and easier.

To use, once setup, you get to choose which you want to use here, since the Titan Security Keys is a 2-pack that includes both Bluetooth or USB keys. When prompted on a computer to verify your Google account login attempt, you would insert the USB key. If you are trying to verify on an Android phone, you could use the Bluetooth key or the USB-C adapter included with Google’s Titan Security Keys.

That’s the basic overview here, but the idea is that you get to keep physical 2SV keys on you to help you login and sign-in to Google accounts in the most secure way. You should consider these.

With that said, Titan Security Keys cost $50 for the bundle and are currently soldout. Join the waitlist!

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Google Titan Security Keys



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