Verizon Will Give First Responders a Truly Unlimited Data Plan With No Caps


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Verizon is making changes to the data plans that first responders subscribe to following a story last week that showed the carrier limiting data speeds to fire fighters who were fighting wildfires. Going forward, Verizon claims that they will “refine” their service plan to better meet the needs of those in the public safety realm.

According to a statement released from Verizon just before the weekend, the wireless carrier has removed all speed cap restrictions for first responders on the west coast and in Hawaii. Should other disasters pop-up, they’ll continue to lift any restrictions for public safety customers.

In addition to those current fixes, Verizon says that they have a new service plan that will meet the “unique” needs of first responders. They didn’t reveal all details of that plan on Friday, but are expected to do so this week. The plan will at the very least feature (truly) unlimited data with no caps, plus it’ll get priority access to the network. If first responders want to upgrade to this new plan, Verizon says that they’ll make that easy to do at no additional cost.


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