HTC U12+ in Flame Red Available for Pre-Order in North America, Still Costs $799

U12+ Flame Red

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In June during our full review, we determined that U12+ from HTC is a no go. It costs $800, had poor battery performance, janky buttons, and we aren’t completely convinced that HTC is dedicated to still delivering timely updates to devices. Thanks to at least one update the phone has received, the buttons should at least be better, but one update wasn’t able to fix all of the issues.

To get U12+ back into headlines this morning, HTC introduced a new color for U12+ — Flame Red. The phone is now available for pre-order on HTC’s website with shipments scheduled to begin in September.

This color costs the same as the other U12+ options, coming in at $799.99 unlocked with 64GB of storage, but do note, there is no 128GB model available like there is for the Blue model. And because this phone is not sold through carriers, if you’re not able to drop that kinda dough for a phone, you’ll have to go through HTC Financing, starting at $34/month for 24 months.

While we’re suckers for Red, we still have to say, “Nope.”

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