TP-Link Intros $139 Kasa Cam Outdoor, $49 Kasa Smart WiFi Plug

Kasa Cam Outdoor

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TP-Link, makers of many electronic goodies, introduced two new products into its smart home portfolio this morning — Kasa Cam Outdoor and Kasa Smart WiFi Plug (2 outlets).

Kasa Cam Outdoor is available for pre-order at $139.99 this morning on Amazon, with shipping availability beginning before the end of August. For features, the Outdoor camera features weather resistance, 1080p video streaming, two-way audio, as well as a 30 foot range of night vision. When coupled with the free Kasa app from Google Play, users can trigger a built-in alarm to deter unwanted guests, as well as control various features like activity zones and motion detection.

TP-Link also offers Kasa Smart Cloud, letting camera owners view their stored videos for up to two days (for up to 3 cameras) at no cost. Subscription plans are available for 14 and 30 days, if 2 days of free storage isn’t enough for you.

As for Kasa Smart WiFi Plug, available via pre-order at $49.99, this device essentially turns anything that’s plugged into the outlet a smart something. Let’s say you plug an old lamp into the outlet. Now it’s a smart lamp. How about plugging in a fan during these hot summer nights? Now it’s a smart fan. Thanks to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration, controlling power to the plug and the devices plugged in is easily managed, but you can also control power flow via the aforementioned Kasa app.

Both items are now up on Amazon, so have at ’em!

Amazon Links: Kasa Cam Outdoor | Smart WiFi Plug



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