DEAL: Verizon Galaxy S8+ for $449.99 With Our Exclusive Code at Daily Steals

unlocked galaxy s8+ deal code

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The folks at Daily Steals opened up a new deal today on Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S8+ that is priced at just $499.99. However, to sweeten the deal, they’ve offered us an exclusive discount code that shaves another $50 off that price. So if you are interested, you can grab a Galaxy S8+ for $449.99.

There are a couple of things to note here. For one, this is a refurbished S8+ at a “B grade” level. That means the phone will be in “good cosmetic condition,” but there might be minor scuffs and scratches here and there.

And two, even though this is technically the Verizon version, it’s unlocked with support for a number of GSM network bands. To get the full list of supported networks, hit up that link below and then compare to our LTE band cheat sheet.

Daily Steals has all three colors (black, purple, and silver) at this time.

To get the extra $50 off, use code “DLIFES8” at checkout.

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