Video Chat and New Camera Effects Now Available in Instagram

Video Chat for Instagram

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Instagram announced new features for the service last month that include the following: Video Chat, new camera effects, and Topic channels on Explore. Today, those features are live.

For Video Chat, Instagram account owners can now not only slide into DMs, but can now actually full on video chat with fellow friends — no phone number needed. You can one-on-one friends or get a complete group video chat going, perfect for you youngsters who refuse to go outside and play in the sunlight.

Pertaining to new camera effects, Instagram has enlisted the help of creators from the service, such as Buzzfeed, Ariana Grande, and the NBA. Interestingly, to access these new camera effects, Instagram states you’ll need to follow these accounts to gain access to them. However, you can try them on if you find one you like. Weird.

You’ll see a new effect in your Instagram camera if you follow any of these accounts — just tap the face icon at the bottom right corner. If you aren’t a follower but you see an effect that you love, you can tap to try it on and add it to your camera.

Instagram has also revisited the Explore page. With the introduction of topic channels, users should find even more content related directly to them. According to Instagram, when you open the page, you’ll see a tray at the top with personalized channels that you can follow and check out.

Go grab the latest update to soak in all of the new features.

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