Your Google Account Page Just Got Way More Comprehensive and Useful

Google Account

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Each person with a Google account has a dedicated Google Account page. According to Google, 20 million people visit their Google Account page each day. I am not one of that 20 million. On this page, you can find all of the information that is tied to your Google Account, such as billing info, contact information, and much more. This week, Google is rolling out big changes to Google Accounts for Android users, with iOS users set to get the same changes later this year.

Google says there will be more transparency in Google Accounts. By that Google means “detailed summaries of relevant information” with regard to security and personal information. To me, that’s just a lot of mumbo jumbo, so instead of parroting all of that, let’s go over what is actually changing.

For starters, there are new features in your Google Account to make it even easier to review and control data pertaining to the aforementioned information. There is a new Search function to find exactly what it is you’re looking for, but if you still can’t locate what you need, there is a new Support section, too.

The revamp focuses on security and privacy very much, with Google implementing a user-tested redesign for all of your Google-associated privacy options. Inside here is where you can find the Privacy Checkup feature.

If you’d like to look over these Google Account changes, you can do so on the web or on your phone by going into Settings > Google > Google Account.

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