Pixel 3 Codename “Blueline” Shows Up at AOSP

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Back in October of last year, just as the paint was beginning to dry on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, we shared information on the Pixel 3 line-up from a reliable source. That source told us what they believed to be the codenames for Google’s 2018 phones, one of which we’ve already seen show up at AOSP numerous times. At the end of last week, a second 2018 Pixel 3 codename made an appearance.

As you’ll recall, “Crosshatch” was the first Pixel 3 codename we saw at AOSP. It’s first appearance was in late October 2017, but has popped up another couple of times since. On Friday, “Blueline” made its debut.

The reference to “Blueline” can be seen below and is mentioned through a single commit that relates to a “new spam API” in the Android dialer. Specifically, the person that submitted this says that it was “verified using Blueline device.”

Unfortunately, that’s all we know for now. There is no other mention of “Blueline.” That also means Google has never used the word “Blueline” in any other form at AOSP until now, within months of what we assume is a Pixel 3 launch. Our assumption is that this was a test run on one of the new Pixel 3 devices. Should we find additional info, we’ll update this post.

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I guess that just leaves “Albacore,” right? Or was “Albacore” replaced by “Bonito?”




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