Google Play Music Subscribers: You Get Both YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

google play music youtube premium

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With the announcements of YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium, there has been some confusion surrounding the level of access that will be available to Google Play Music subscribers, as well as the price they’ll pay going forward. Google has tried to make everything as clear as possible, but with so many pieces involved in this awkward transition, people still have questions. So, we have answers for you.

If you are a Google Play Music subscriber, this is what you need to know about YouTube Music and YouTube Premium:

  1. You still get to use Google Play Music. Google may kill off Play Music in the future (we think by the end of the year), but for now, you don’t have to worry about a thing. In fact, nothing changes for you today at all.
  2. You pay exactly what you are paying today when YouTube Music and Premium arrive. If you are paying $7.99 per month as one of the original Play Music subscribers, you still pay just that! If you pay $9.99 because you signed up later, you still pay $9.99 per month.
  3. You get access to both YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium. Yes, both. Even though YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) now costs $11.99, you still get it at your current price because you were previously receiving access to YouTube Red. Don’t believe me? See the Tweet below.

We all good now?



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