Guys, Look at This All-Screen Lenovo Phone 😍

lenovo z5 no notch

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F*ck notches, right? That sure looks like the message Lenovo VP Chang Cheng wants to send with a couple of teasers posted to his Weibo account in recent days. Both images show off a phone called the Lenovo Z5, and um, it has a 95% screen-to-body ratio and (possibly) no notch. It’s hot as hell. Is that practical or necessary? I don’t care, bro. This phone is nuts if a real product that someone might be able to buy one day.

Cheng said in his posts that there are multiple patents involved in this design, likely involving three major challenges he says that would need to be overcome in order to do this. The Google Translation is rough here, but does talk about those challenges involving the screen and the antenna placement/design.

The image at the top of this page reminds me of that first Essential Phone teaser from Andy Rubin, only with an added level of craziness because it shows even more phone without a dip for a notch. Does it have a notch at all? It still could in final form, but the sketch below that Cheng shared doesn’t suggest there will be one.

lenovo z5 no notch

So what about a front camera, speaker, or any other sensor? That’s a good question! We just don’t know. It could have a pop-up camera or perhaps, Lenovo figured out how to embed all of that beneath the display? Again, I have no idea, I just know that it looks hot. I also know that none of us in the US will ever own one, so there’s that.

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