Google Pay Hits the Web

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When Google started the rebranding of Android Pay to Google Pay back in January, they told us that it would take some time before everything flipped over. We’ve seen the app go through its big change already, but that left us with Google Pay on the web still stuck with Android Pay or Google Checkout branding. This week, that changes now that Google has begun rolling out Pay to browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Going forward, when you head to your favorite stores to pay for items, Google Pay branding will be present and also help you make easier payments. Well, that’s assuming they offer Google Pay as a checkout option, which not everyone does just yet. If you see it, though, be excited.

As long as you have a credit card attached to Google Pay, it really only takes a couple of taps and little typing to get checked-out. Additionally, if you use Chrome, you can autofill billing or shipping info, since it can save that info across browsers.

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