Report: Galaxy S9 Not Selling Well, Record Low Sales in Korea

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According to industry data obtained by ET News, the Galaxy S9 is not selling well in South Korea, hitting record low sales numbers when compared to last year’s Galaxy S8.

From data taken by the country’s three largest carriers, it’s reported that Samsung was able to sell around 707,000 units in the two month period following launch. Compared to the Galaxy S8, which was around 1 million units sold in that same period last year, things aren’t looking good for Samsung’s latest. Furthermore, it’s reported that Samsung sold only¬†231,000 units this month, compared to 476,000 units in March. That’s a sharp decline, which warrants the worries from industry watchers.

From what analysts can tell, buyers don’t see much difference between the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, so they may not see much of a reason to upgrade. Price is also a listed factor why people aren’t biting, but at least here in the US, the Galaxy S9 was priced lower at launch than the Galaxy S8’s launch price.

I think it’s safe to say that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 are very similar devices, and if Samsung wants to get people excited for the Galaxy X (aka Galaxy S10 or whatever we’re going to call it), we need to see some big changes next year.

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