Monday Poll: The Worst OEM Skin in Android is?

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All the way back in 2011, we asked our readers what they thought was the worst Android OEM skin. Motorola came in with 48% of the vote with Moto Blur, followed by Samsung’s TouchWiz at 32%. Well, considering Android OEM skins are still a thing, it’s time to update our feelings on this.

Now, a lot of the names have changed over the years. For example, TouchWiz from Samsung is now Samsung Experience. Motorola’s Moto Blur name is long gone, too, and LG’s Home is now LG UX. Regardless of what they’re calling them, we want to know who you think has the worst.

Vote, then share your thoughts on why you chose that skin as the worst in the comments.

The Worst OEM Skin in Android is?

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