Razer Phone Factory Images Now Available for Download

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In need of the factory images for your Razer Phone? You’re now in luck, as Razer has posted them directly to its Razer Zone website.

This is a good thing because let’s say you get a little crazy and start flashing ROMs (do developers even make custom ROMs for this phone?) or just experience a bad software bug. With the factory image, you’ll be able to start fresh with the OS, as if the phone was straight from the factory.

Of course, Razer warns that unlocking the bootloader will void your warranty, and if you have zero experience flashing images, your best bet is to keep away and leave it to the professionals. However, we know that the task isn’t all that scary. To be safe, I’d recommend you download the latest factory image and stash it somewhere on your computer for safe keeping. You never know when a factory image will come in handy.

Download the image by following the link below.

Factory Images Here

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