Video: Android Basics – 15+ Tips and Tricks for Almost Any Android Phone

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We’ve put together a list of 15+ Android tips and tricks that we think will translate to almost any Android phone. This isn’t a list for the advanced Android user, necessarily, and is geared more towards the basics of Android. In other words, most of you probably know about all of this stuff. This is the Android tips and tricks list for the new Android phone owner or the one who switched from an iPhone to Android. Because hey, all Android owners need love, OK?

In this list, we cover how you can take screenshots on Android, quickest ways to launch the camera, using Google Assistant, making the most of notifications, checking for updates, setting up Do Not Disturb mode, customizing your home screen, using Multi Window, making sure you are backing up photos in Google Photos, and more!

Here is the full list, in order as you’ll find in the video:

1. How to take screenshots
2. Long-pressing is your best friend in Android
3. Quickest way to launch your Android phone’s camera
4a. Use always-on display if you’ve got it
4b. Double tap to wake, just do it
5. Google Assistant, the powerful tool
6. Checking for software updates and security patch level
7. Notifications (expanding, snoozing, quick actions)
8. Multi window
9. Back up photos to Google Photos
10. Ease eye strain with Night Mode
11. Set and forget Do Not Disturb
12. Setting up a home screen (moving apps, folders)
13. Also, consider a 3rd party launcher (examples)
14. Setup your phone’s fingerprint reader
15. Use Smart Lock (home and Bluetooth)

Don’t care about these basic Android tips? We’ve got individual videos for all of the phones featured that dive in more deeply:



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