Report: LG’s Next Flagship to be Announced in March, Launched in April

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According to a new report out of Korea, LG will hold off on unveiling its 2018 flagship smartphone at MWC next month, and instead, will wait until March to announce it. Following the reported announcement in March would be mass production, then commercial launch in April.

Stated by a ranking official at a major mobile operator who was quoted in the report,¬†“We have agreed with LG to launch the G7 in April.”

Last week, we learned LG was considering a rebrand of its G series, which we think would be a good idea. The G series just hasn’t caught on as much as Samsung’s Galaxy brand, so a major rebrand and marketing push might be a good thing.¬†Currently, we’re under the impression that LG intends to rebrand the G series this year, meaning the “G7” moniker is not accurate and we should expect something completely different.

On the downside, if this report is accurate and LG does intend to wait until April, that could put them at a serious disadvantage with regard to Samsung’s launch of the Galaxy S9. Samsung’s next phones have already gone through the FCC, with reports detailing commercial availability to begin in March.

Can you wait that long for LG’s next?

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