LG to Rebrand G Series of Phones, Which is Probably a Good Thing

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I hate to pat ourselves on the back, but on last week’s Droid Life Show, we talked about the fact that it was time for LG to ditch the G series of phones and do something new. We brought up the idea during our 2018 predictions portion of the show as we got to the topic of LG and what it can do or whether or not there is any excitement around something like, the G7. As it turns out, LG is preparing a new brand strategy for the series, according to The Investor.

LG apparently confirmed the news, suggesting that this isn’t a big deal and that Samsung and Apple have made similar moves. LG is still weighing their name options, though, with two-digit number and new name ideas all on the table. That’s kind of wild, if you think about it. We’re only a handful of weeks out from LG potentially unveiling this new line of phones, yet they haven’t settled on a name.

As I mentioned on the show, this is probably the right move from LG. Not that G series phones have been bad, it’s just that they don’t seem to be generating any fresh buzz or excitement. We liked the G6, but we also didn’t love the G6. Creating a new series is certainly a way to bring some life back to a brand that has struggled in recent years in the smartphone department.

What do you think – what should LG call their new series of flagship phones?

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