Samsung Will Power Verizon’s First 5G Network This Year

verizon 5g samsung

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When Verizon launches its first 5G residential broadband network this year, Samsung will power the portion of it that sits in your home. With Sacramento up first at some point in the second half of 2018 (followed by up to another 4 cities), Samsung’s commercial 5G home routers, 5G Radio Access Units, and 5G radio planning services will all be a part of the equation that will wirelessly push a 5G signal.

For those not keeping up on Verizon’s 5G, we’re only talking about their in-home 5G wireless service here. Think of it like your Comcast internet, only sent wirelessly to your home. This is home broadband internet, not the wireless type you get through your phone. Still, it’s worth talking about as it should eventually lead to cellular 5G.

Samsung and Verizon have tested 5G in California, Georgia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, and Washington DC. So far, we still only have Sacramento as a 2018 confirmation, but I’d imagine the other 4 they plan to light up will come from this trial.

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