Report: Google Looking to Sell Off Zagat

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According to sources who spoke with Reuters, Google is seeking to sell off Zagat, the restaurant review platform it purchased in 2011. Since purchasing Zagat, Google launched an Android app, updated said app here and there, and implemented a lot Zagat’s content into other Google services like Maps.

As reported, Google has had a few meetings that focused on the sale of Zagat, but there’s nothing concrete at the moment. There also isn’t a list of potential buyers.

If and when a deal is made, we’re pretty sure nothing will change. It’s possible Google could hold onto the information and reviews it has collected over the years and continue to provide it to users in Google Maps, but really, Google Maps is already hosting thousands upon thousands of reviews. If the Zagat content is removed, I don’t think it’s going to debilitate anyone’s experience.

We’ll keep you posted as this developers.

// Reuters



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