Google Assistant Now Available for Android Tablets, Phones Running Lollipop

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For those who have been waiting to see Google Assistant make its ways to Android tablets or if you’re somehow using a phone that is still using Lollipop, today’s a big day for you.

Announced by Google, Google Assistant is now available to Android tablets (Android 6.0+), and on top of that, Google Assistant will now work on smartphones running Lollipop. While supporting Android 5.0 may not seem too high priority, it’s still a large base of Android users, according to the distribution numbers.

As for when you will see Assistant hit your Android tablet or Lollipop-running smartphone, Google says tablets should see it in the coming weeks and Lollipop users should start seeing it immediately in select markets (US included).

Tablet owners and Lollipop users, does this make you happy?

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