Cricket’s New Unlimited Deal Gets You 4 Lines for $100

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We don’t often see deals on data plans from carriers during the holidays, as most instead work angles to entice you into cheaper hardware. Cricket Wireless isn’t about that life, though, and will launch a deal tomorrow (December 1) that’ll get you 4 lines of unlimited data for just $100 per month.

The deal is for 4 lines of their Unlimited 2 plan. The Unlimited 2 plan normally costs $55/mo as an individual plan, so you can see the savings you are getting here at $100 for 4 lines. Understand that because of the discount, this deal is not eligible for an auto pay discount or a Group Save discount.

What’s the catch here? The Unlimited 2 Cricket plan has some major limitations. For one, your download speeds are always throttled to 3Mbps at all times. That’s down from the standard 8Mbps that Cricket usually limits customers to. If you use 22GB in a billing cycle on a line, it’ll be throttled to even slower speeds when Cricket’s network is seeing congestion. And second, your video streams only come across in SD (480p) when on mobile.

This Cricket Unlimited 2 plan does included unlimited texts from the US to 38 countries, along with data access, unlimited calling, and texting to, from, and in between the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Don’t need 4 lines? Cricket also has a deal running on 2 lines of Unlimited 2 for $80.

You can sign-up for Cricket service right here.

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