Video: Galaxy Note 8 Review!

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I know that you’ve already read our Galaxy Note 8 review from Tim, but as we’ve said in the past, the big guys get both written and video reviews for those who need it all. Today, we bring you the video portion of our Note 8 review, which also happens to be my take on Samsung’s follow-up to the Galaxy Note 7.

While Tim is certainly more a fan of the Note line than I am, I actually came away with pretty similar thoughts on the Note 8. The quality of craftsmanship here is undeniable, the new dual camera setup is fantastic, and that display is a thing of beauty. I also found myself using the S Pen more than in years past and complementing Samsung on both the software experience and performance. I know, that’s odd for me.

Of course, with the Note series, the size was brought up by me and yes, I think this phone is too big. Even as a phone that is similar in size to the Galaxy S8+, something about its squared-off design just wasn’t that comfortable to use and highlighted its elongated body, in a bad way. The fingerprint reader placement makes it an unusable feature as well, plus that price is going to take some getting used to.

My thoughts are (predictably) mixed on this phone, but that really doesn’t matter. If you love the Note series, you will love the Note 8 – that’s the bottom line.

You can buy the Galaxy Note 8 right here.



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