Finding a Place to Park Sucks, But Google Maps is Making It Better With New “Find Parking” Feature

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When you’re headed to a busy destination, parking can sometimes be a nightmare. Back in January of this year, Google Maps introduced the parking difficulty indicator for select areas, which has been highly beneficial. Today, Google Maps announced a Find Parking feature, which helps you locate parking in congested areas, then provides navigation by foot to your final destination.

When you plug a destination into Google Maps, the app will showcase your probability of finding a spot to park. If parking isn’t looking too hot, you can select “Find Parking.” Google will then highlight a few places it recommends, then you’re on your way. At the time of arrival and once your vehicle is parked, Google Maps will then navigate you should you need it.

As Google details, “In 25 US cities, people can tap ‘find parking’ on the directions card to see a list of parking garages and lots near their destination. Once they tap their selected option, it’s automatically added to their trip. And they’ll even get walking directions from their parking spot to their final destination.”

If you live in a big city, this feature is sure to be clutch.

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