Tuesday Poll: Are You Sticking With Verizon?


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Following this morning’s news, we have to ask, are you sticking with Verizon? I could sit here and talk about how consumers make their voices heard with their wallets, but I know many here are loyal Verizon customers, so you’ve probably heard that speech a few times.

If you’re just now catching up, Verizon announced changes for its unlimited plan lineup this morning, with three offerings available starting tomorrow. To sum up what’s happening, everyone on Unlimited is going to have a throttled video experience, because even though Verizon continues to tout its LTE network as the best in the US, it can’t help but limit its customers to something less than ideal.

For a complete breakdown of what was announced, refer to this post.

These announced changes affect legacy plans, too, which is where the below poll comes into place. Do we have legacy customers here who are just over Verizon screwing with their video streams and are ready to give another carrier a chance?

If you have switched carriers, let us know where you ended up going and how it treated you.

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