Tekken is Coming Soon to Android in the US

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Tekken, the extremely popular fighting game that everyone has played at least once in their life, is headed to Android!

The game is listed as coming soon in the US at the moment, but if you’re in Canada, there’s a soft launch available this week for those on iOS and Android. You lucky, lucky Canadians.

This mobile Tekken title will have a few different things going on, hopefully meaning no dull moments while inside the game. There is a standard Story Mode for someone who wants to progress through the game, a Dojo Challenge for players who want to beat up fellow players, plus Live Events that will feature rotating content.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what Tekken on mobile is bringing.

  • STORY MODE – In this game mode, players will create a team of 3 fighters helping Kazuya Mishima and Nina against a powerful enemy: the Revenant – a new character created exclusively for the mobile version of TEKKEN. The game will lead players into battle through a map-based campaign featuring unique encounters with specialized and powerful bosses. This mode offers the chance to build specialized teams to take down unique missions and explore dynamic battle maps to collect rewards and glory.
  • DOJO CHALLENGE – This Online VERSUS battle will let players compete against friends and the community, record and upload their own in-game fighting styles into the AI of their dojo to defend it and prove that they are the best.
  • LIVE EVENTS – Players will experience new live events that are updated with daily, weekly and monthly rotating content. Players can access special themed events with unique experiences and encounters and Special Events with rare characters and content.
  • TEKKEN includes an intuitive, deep combat system featuring fighting techniques from all around the world for an incredible on the go experience.

Now, there’s no pre-registration on Google Play just yet, but you can register on the Tekken website. As more folks pre-register, in-game content can be unlocked for the game’s release. So, if you’re excited about this, head to the Tekken website, pre-register, then get rewarded for it!

I’ll see you there.

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