Render of Possible Nest Lite Hits the Web

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Back in March, a report stated that Nest was working on a sub-$200 smart thermostat. Since then, we haven’t heard a peep.

Last Friday, though, as we were all closing up shop, @evleaks posted what appears to be a render of Nest’s upcoming thermostat, one that looks much different from what’s already available from the Google-owned company. Could this be the new, less expensive thermostat we’ve been waiting for?

While this image doesn’t give us much to work with, we can deduce a few things. The UI could be comprised of a pre-positioned LED array under a plastic cover, the wheel that rotates around the body could either be a light metal or heavy plastic, and while the body may be much different from the $250 units currently available, this one will likely do all of the same things.

As we wait on Nest to make something official, let’s hear from you. Is this the Nest you’ve been waiting for?

// @evleaks



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