OnePlus 5 Tips and Tricks: 20+ to Make You a OP5 Pro

oneplus 5 tips and tricks

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A decent list of OnePlus 5 tips and tricks is finally here and we’re sorry for the delay. We know that a good bunch of you picked up the latest premium phone from OnePlus and need to be the OP5 master immediately.

In this OnePlus 5 video, we dive into the $479 phone to show you not only the basics, like setting up the fingerprint reader and quickly launching the camera, but we also run through some of the advanced settings. We’re talking about the Gaming Do Not Disturb mode, scheduled power off and on, where your default app settings are, which gestures are the best, and how your alert slider can be customized.

If you haven’t already, you may want to start off with our First 10 things video for the OP5, though some of those are covered again here. Our OnePlus 5 review should be along shortly.

Enjoying your OnePlus 5? And other tips you want to share? Drop those below.

OnePlus 5 Tips and Tricks

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