Essential Phone has a Carrier Partner!

essential ph-1 black

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And it’s Sprint. In an exclusive capacity too.

On a positive note, Essential did go from zero carrier partners to one carrier partner in just a couple of weeks, so that’s at least something. This does expand the reach of the phone from unlocked expensive phone that only tech nerds know about, to single-carrier-attached expensive phone that only tech nerds know about. That’s progress. 

Essential president Niccolo de Masi, famed tester of pre-alpha camera builds, told USA Today that they chose Sprint because they “like to bet with where we think the market is going as opposed to where the market was.” In other words, Essential thinks that Sprint is “the network of the future.” ?

Whatever you think about Sprint, you’ll still be able to buy the Essential phone fully unlocked with support on the other carriers.

Via: USA Today



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