HTC U11 Review


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The HTC U11 is officially available and began shipping on Friday. After spending a good couple of weeks with this latest high-end phone from the Taiwanese manufacturer, we’ve got some thoughts on whether or not you should dive in and buy one. Ready for our HTC U11 review?

Below, you’ll find our full U11 review video, including details on the camera performance and experience, if the liquid metallic design here can stand-up to LG and Samsung’s latest, how efficient and powerful the Snapdragon 835 is, and if the battery life is any good. Not to spoil it, but for the most part, yeah, the U11 is absolutely fine in all categories that we consider to be the most important, outside of design. That’s the only area I feel that this phone falls a bit short in. 

The HTC U11 is indeed a phone that is worth considering as your next phone, which is territory I’m not sure HTC has been in for some time. Is the HTC U11 the best phone available? Not in my opinion, but I’d also suggest that it could be for some of you, especially if you want a traditional phone design that actually features bezel.

I’ll say this – if you buy the HTC U11, you won’t be disappointed. If you pass on it, I don’t think you’ll be missing out either.

HTC U11 Review

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