I Talked About How I Use Android Over at Android Intelligence!

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You know you’ve been around a while when a colleague writes up a profile about your time in the business and starts it out by saying, “Gather ’round, kiddos, ’cause it’s time to travel back to the Good Ol’ Days of Android.” Then again, I kind of have been doing this for a really long time – over 7 years! – so if the boot fits…

Anyways, the piece I’m referring to was written by JR Raphael, the brilliant brain behind the Android Intelligence column over at Computerworld. He runs a regular series called “How I Use Android” that features various personalities in the Android realm. You’ll find profiles on developers that make many of your favorite apps, Googlers, podcasters, and the occasional media loud mouth (like me)! 

The point of the column is to have folks share their Android story in a way that involves their current phone and accessories, how those are setup, the apps they use the most, and if they have any tips and tricks that might help others. It has always been a great read because it gives you a bit of an inside look at some of the people in this industry you might be familiar with, yet probably didn’t know much about outside of the work they put forward.

So yeah, JR asked if I’d like to join the fun and share some info about my time in Android and how I’m currently using it. As someone who has read his column for a long, long time, I didn’t really hesitate to say “Yes” even if I’m kind of a keep-my-life-to-myself guy.

If reading about me sounds like hell, I get it! You listen to me blab right here all day, every day. However, the profile does offer a bit of the history of Droid Life and does indeed share some insight into how I use Android, approach reviews, which devices I rotate through, etc.

You can find the full story at this link.



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