Request Money From Multiple People With Group Payment Support in Facebook Messenger

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You just went out with a group of friends, paid for a few of their drinks, and now it’s time to get paid back. With Group Payments now supported via Facebook Messenger, hitting up all of your friends at the same time for cash isn’t too awkward at all. 

In Messenger, sending payments between 2 people is easy, and now with the Group Payments, sending money between lots of people is a breeze. For example, if 10 people owe you $7, make sure they’re all in a group message, then request the money via the payments option. Each member of that group message will receive the request, then should promptly pay you, or at least give you an excuse as to why their payment will come in late. “Sorry, bro, don’t get paid until Friday!”

As for me and my group of amigos, we typically use Venmo for the transfer of funds, but this also seems like a great route. May have to give it a try.

To use it yourself, follow the Google Play link below.

Play Link

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