Chrome Update Kills “Annoying” Page Jumps as You Browse

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Browsing the web from our phones is only going to increase from here on out, so as you might expect, Google will continue to do everything in their power to make that experience pleasurable when done through their own browser. In a new update to Chrome, Google is attempting to eliminate those obnoxious – or as they put it “annoying” – page jumps as pages load on mobile. 

The video above shows a before and after with page-jump-killer included. As you can see, Chrome will attempt to freeze the screen position with “scroll anchoring,” so even as items slowly load above your content, you won’t be shifted around. The goal is to keep you where you are, rather than where the website might force you.

As Google mentions in its blog post about the update, these are the features you might not realize are there, but are some of the best additions.

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