Google’s #myAndroid “Taste Test” Will Help You Find a Launcher, Icon Pack, Wallpaper, More

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Over the weekend at SXSW, Google released a new customization survey called #myAndroid that attempts to help get you the ultimate custom home screen setup. Instead of spending hours sifting through Google Play pages for icon packs, launchers, and wallpapers, Google’s new tool simply asks you a few questions before handing over up to 3 different setups you might like. 

They are calling it a “Taste Test” because the survey walks you through a set of questions where you are supposed to provide rapid fire answers before it shows you apps that should appeal to your tastes. You can visit the Taste Test at the link below

After you get through the 20 or so questions about liking flat, abstract, vintage, muted, or colorful things, Google will then show you three setups that include a launcher, wallpaper pack, icon pack, widget, and keyboard. To get a feel for the types of setups they’ll show, you can view mine right here. But you’ll see Zedge Wallpapers, as an example, along with Nova Launcher or Smart Launcher 3 and some icon packs you may have never heard of.

It’s a pretty slick tool for those who just want someone to hand over a complete setup without much work.

If you happen to be in Austin this week for SXSW, look for Google’s #myAndroid truck. It’s highlighting the new tool, but it also features  “head-to-tire” LED lights that you can play with.

#myAndroid Taste Test



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