If This is the Galaxy S8, What do You Think?

galaxy s8 case render

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This week marked the beginning of the casemaker battle over who could first post supposed realistic renders of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 without getting sued into oblivion by Samsung while also trying to catch that early money train and build upon SEO rankings. Mobilefun is the first out of the gate, as far as we can tell, with a bunch of listings on their accessory site for Galaxy S8 cases. We’ve included a bunch of their photos of cases with supposed Galaxy S8s inside here, but understand that these are by no means final or official on any level. 

With that said, they are probably worth talking about. You see, for months now it feels like rumors surrounding the new Galaxy S8 line has suggested that we would see an all-display front with almost zero bezel. These pictures certainly show a phone with an all-display front, tiny top and bottom bezel and more. We’ve also seen other supposed leaks outside of case manufacturers that look similar to what these casemakers are showing. Then again, casemakers are sneaky and are pretty hit or miss with this stuff, because in the end, they just want you to buy cases and these early “leaks” are a way for them to do just that.

One thing you should always keep in mind with case makers is the fact that they do need to know specific dimensions and placements of ports in order to build out cases before a phone ships. While they may be posting fake imagery within a case to create hype, some of the size aspects, port placements, camera and flash housings, etc. might be legit.

galaxy s8 case render galaxy s8 case render galaxy s8 case render

So what do you guys think? What if (that’s a big if) these case pictures are showing us, on some level, what to expect from the Galaxy S8? Are you sold? Do we need more bezel? Is that seriously a portless phone up top? It’s Friday, share them thoughts.

Via:  Mobilefun [2]



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